Edition 1

This week we feature three paperfiles.

The “Video Exchange”

In 1973 a submission was made to the Film and Television Board of the Australia Council for the establishment of a Community Video Exchange.

This document includes:
* Background information on the Video Exchange
* Stories about early videomakers (1971-1973)
* Video equipment prices from 1973

View The Video Exchange Submission

Video Equipment brochures

Browse through Sony equipment brochures featuring
* the all new Porta-pak camera and recorder
* Sony’s 3670 electronic editing machine

View Porta-pak brochure

View 3670 brochure

1991 Gala Premiere

Reuniting members of Community Access Video centres in Melbournes Western Suburbs started in 1988 and by 1991 a whole new project premiered. Originally titled “Bright Orange Power Tools”, nobody knew the real name until the movie premiered.

View 1991 Movie invite and ticket

Reuniting friends and members of Community Access Video Centres from Melbournes Western Suburbs, Victoria, Australia
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