Edition 1

“Scarless the Movie” Premiere 1991

In early 1990 some of the past members of Westcom and their friends joined together to make a video movie which premiered almost two years later at the Glasshouse Theatre in Melbourne.

Leading up to the night there was great anticipation for everyone involved as this was the first video “we” had collectively made since the closure of Westcom.

In this clip you will see part of the official speech made by Rob Stewart as he introduces the program for the Gala evening.

Early users of Turtle Video

This video is possibly one of the earliest interviews ever recorded at Turtle Video (18 Pier Street Altona).

Malcolm Cormack and Lassya Maksymyschyn (Shive), Turtle Video’s Centre Directors, talk about the people who were starting to use the center just three weeks after opening to the public in Aug 1974.

Unfortunately we don’t know who the interviewer was, however the British accent and the fact that other footage shows the same person visiting the Carlton Video Resource Centre suggests he may have been visiting from the UK and been involved with community work there.

Due to poor sound at the start of this clip, we have provided subtitles.

This video was shot by Brian Williams, Center Director of Footscray Community Video (95 Paisley Street Footscray)

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